A&F Gun Shot 18 x 4 Snare Drum


“The Gun Shot Snare – 4 x 18 Raw Brass/Copper/Steel Shell with wood hoops…. One Giant Snare!

We hand cut, roll, weld, and sand our exclusive raw Brass/Copper/Steel shells and make our own wood hoops, hand cut bearing edges and snare beds, and treat Brass/Copper with our exclusive patina formula to jump start the aging process.  Then we add our patented raw brass center-mounted lugs, hardware, and finally Remo Ambassador heads.

These snares weigh 12 pounds and come with the option our A&F Large Snare/Tom/Kick Stand.” – A&F

18 x 4 Raw Brass/Copper/Steel Shell

Wood Hoops

“Beer Tap” Throw Off